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“Good wine comes from good vines”

The greatest care is given to the management of the vineyard,
from the tillage of the soil to the manual pruning of the vines.
Bio-agricultural cultivation methods are
preferred and the grapes
are thinned-out right from the onset of ripening.
The microclimate, pleasantly freshened by soft breezes from the valley,
favours the ripening of the grapes and allows them to gain colour,
aroma and flavour right up to the end of October.
For the vinification, we only use grapes cultivated upon our hills.

Don’t waste the chance of tasting our wines with typical products from our land!
By composing yourselves a gift pack or by selecting the ones already created, you will give the best gift to your mouth and it is going to be like you have never left Vigna Cristiana.

Created by Paolo Zambon
Società Agricola e Vitivinicola
p. IVA :04527960019
28010  Boca  - NO
tel. 0322.87332

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Società Agricola e Vitivinicola
P. IVA :04527960019
Via Traversagna 1
28010 Boca  - NO
Tel. 0322.87332

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